How to Use ChatGPT Alternatives Like Jasper When it’s all About ChatGPT?

How to Use ChatGPT Alternatives Like Jasper When it's all About ChatGPT

Jasper AI, a Texas-based software development company founded in 2020, had recently launched a new generative text assistant called Jasper Chat.

The startup, which received over $100 million in funding, offers a paid service for business users, including corporations, small businesses, content creators, and freelance workers. Jasper Chat is designed to be productive and has access to current information, making it a strong alternative to the popular ChatGPT.

Both Jasper Chat and ChatGPT use the Generative Pre-trained Transformer language (GPT) model, with Jasper AI using GPT-3.5. However, Jasper AI tailors its AI to specific use cases that appeal to business needs.

Its website claims that its AI has already processed 10% of the internet, giving it a good understanding of how humans write and knowledge of several languages. Input can be provided in 24 languages, and output is possible in 31 languages, making it useful for translation as well as writing.

Jasper Chat offers a five-day free trial and costs $59 each month after that. Jasper AI also has an image generator called Jasper Art, which includes a five-day free trial.

A Chrome extension is available that lets users use Jasper Chat within their browser. If users get stuck, customer support and training are included in the package.

Despite its strong appeal to business users, Jasper AI faces tough competition from ChatGPT, which offers a free tier and recently launched a fast access plan called ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month. Bing Chat is also free but has limited access.

Both generative text tools require fact-checking as they may include incorrect information in a document. Users should not expect perfect accuracy from any AI at the moment.

Jasper AI offers a promising alternative to ChatGPT for business users, with its tailored AI, image generator, and customer support and training. As generative text continues to improve, it will be interesting to see how Jasper AI and other startups in this space can overcome accuracy issues.

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