Late Checkout’s CEO Greg Isenberg claimed that ChatGPT helped him recover $109,500

Late Checkout's CEO Greg Isenberg claimed that ChatGPT helped him recover $109500

Late Checkout, a design agency and studio for community-based products, has claimed that they were able to recover their pending dues without hiring a lawyer, thanks to the help of ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by Open AI. The CEO of Late Checkout, Greg Isenberg, took to Twitter to narrate the story of how ChatGPT helped him recover $109,500 without spending a single penny on legal fees.

Isenberg explained how a multi-billion dollar client had refused to pay his company for the work they had rendered. Instead of turning to lawyers or sending another email that might fall on deaf ears, he decided to use ChatGPT to draft a “scary email” to draw the attention of the client.

“Our finance and operations team asked me to step in. Instead of sending another email that might fall on deaf ears or hiring an expensive lawyer to initiate debt collections, I had an idea. What if ChatGPT could draft a bit more of a scary email to draw attention?” Isenberg tweeted.

He shared the inputs he gave to the Open AI based on which it drafted a mail. He also shared Open AI’s response in another tweet. After making some minor changes to the email, he forwarded it to the client.

“I changed a few minor things. My heart was racing…2 mins let’s later I get an email from an executive of the company. My hearts drops!, he tweeted.

Isenberg was thrilled with the response he got from the client, who agreed to pay the pending dues. He thanked ChatGPT for their help and described how he felt like the good cop while ChatGPT played the role of the bad cop.

“Let’s get you guys paid”. Thanks to ChatGPT, we were able to recover the money we were owed. We couldn’t believe how quickly it worked. Best part was ChatGPT felt like the bad cop, and I felt like the good cop,” Isenberg tweeted.

Isenberg’s story went viral on social media, with people expressing their amusement and admiration for his use of ChatGPT. Some even wondered if AI could eventually replace lawyers.

“Brilliant use of ChatGPT as first line of defense. Wonder how long until AI can completely replace lawyers,” wrote a user named Codie Sanchez. Isenberg replied, “Prompt school is the new law school.”

Isenberg’s experience demonstrates the potential of AI language models like ChatGPT to help individuals and businesses in various ways. As AI technology continues to evolve and improve, we may see more and more people turning to these tools for assistance in legal, financial, and other areas.

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