Mark Cuban Online misinformation will only ‘get worse’ as ChatGPT and its competitors grow

Mark Cuban Online misinformation will only ‘get worse’ as ChatGPT and its competitors grow

In a recent episode of “The Problem with Jon Stewart” podcast, billionaire tech entrepreneur and investor, Mark Cuban, spoke about his concerns with the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence (AI) platforms such as Microsoft-backed ChatGPT and Google’s upcoming Bard. He believes that the problem of misinformation spreading through the internet will only worsen as these platforms grow.

Cuban stated that at present, misinformation tends to spread through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter which are still under some control of human guards. However, with the advent of AI platforms like ChatGPT, the machines are now in control and it becomes challenging to understand how they make their decisions and who controls them.

ChatGPT, which was launched in November, has been a popular platform attracting hundreds of millions of users seeking advice, poems, and recipes. However, the technology behind ChatGPT has proven to be far from perfect and posting its simplistic errors has become a popular trend on social media. The chatbot often gives incorrect answers to math problems, fails to answer basic riddles and even goes as far as to “hallucinate” and create entirely made-up historical figures, events, and facts.

Google’s Bard has also faced criticism for its recent incorrect answer in one of its first advertisements for the AI platform. The shares of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, dropped by more than 9% following the incident, which resulted in a number of Google employees blaming CEO Sundar Pichai for the “rushed, botched” release. The pressure to compete with ChatGPT is said to be the main reason behind Bard’s rushed release.

Cuban’s concerns are echoed by fellow tech billionaire Steve Wozniak, however, other tech industry luminaries such as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates believe that AI platforms like ChatGPT represent a technological revolution that will have a profound impact on the future of healthcare and education. Gates stated that AI technology still requires a lot of computation and is not always accurate, but with the advancements that are set to be made in the next couple of years, the technology will significantly improve.

Microsoft, the company behind ChatGPT, acknowledges that the technology isn’t perfect and plans to incorporate it into an upcoming version of its search engine, Bing. However, they have stated that the results may sometimes be inaccurate or inappropriate.

As AI platforms like ChatGPT continue to grow, the concerns around misinformation spreading through the internet will only increase. While the technology is still in its infant stages, tech industry luminaries are excited about the long-term possibilities of AI and the impact it will have on healthcare and education. Nevertheless, it is important to be cautious and always fact-check information before accepting it as true.

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