Microsoft to use ChatGPT maker’s AI to write mails for salespeople

Microsoft to use ChatGPT maker's AI to write mails for salespeople

Microsoft has announced the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities from OpenAI into its customer-relationship app, Viva Sales. The tech giant has reportedly acquired the cutting-edge AI technology in a $10 billion deal with OpenAI. The new AI tools will revolutionize the way salespeople communicate with customers by providing them with custom-made emails that are written with precision.

The integration of OpenAI’s AI technology will enable Viva Sales to tap into customer data and information stored in the customer records and Office email software. This information will then be analyzed to generate emails that are personalized to each customer’s needs and requirements. The emails will contain text tailored to each customer’s interests and needs, as well as pricing details and promotions that are relevant to their specific buying habits.

This integration is expected to help salespeople save time and effort that would otherwise be spent on crafting emails from scratch. With the help of AI, they will be able to create emails quickly and with less effort, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. Moreover, the personalized emails generated by the AI tools will increase the chances of successful sales, as they will be written in a way that appeals to each customer’s unique preferences.

Microsoft’s Viva Sales app has already been well received by the sales community and has been praised for its user-friendly interface and robust features. The addition of OpenAI’s AI technology will only serve to make the app even more indispensable to sales professionals.

The integration of AI into sales processes has been a growing trend in recent years, and Microsoft’s decision to incorporate OpenAI’s technology into Viva Sales is a testament to the value that AI can bring to the sales industry. The use of AI in sales is not only expected to increase efficiency and productivity, but it will also help salespeople establish better relationships with their customers by providing them with personalized and relevant information.

Microsoft’s acquisition of OpenAI’s AI technology and integration of it into Viva Sales is a significant step forward for the sales industry. Salespeople will now have access to AI tools that will help them save time, effort and increase their chances of making a sale. This integration will set a new standard for sales technology and help sales professionals work more efficiently and effectively.

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