Opera working to integrate ChatGPT into browser’s sidebar

Opera working to integrate ChatGPT into browser's sidebar

Opera, a web browsing application, has announced its plans to integrate a ChatGPT-powered tool into its browser’s sidebar. The feature, called “shorten,” will generate brief summaries of webpages and articles for users, enabling them to get an overview of the content quickly.

With the integration of AI tools into its browser, Opera is following in the footsteps of Microsoft, which recently revealed its AI-powered search engine Bing and Edge. Bing will have an AI chatbot that delivers annotated replies to searches, while Edge will include an AI “copilot” that can summarize webpages or articles, as well as generate content for social media posts and other purposes.

Google also demonstrated its AI search bot Bard this week, although it is not currently available for testing. The “shorten” feature from Opera, however, is set to launch soon in browsers. Jan Standel, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Opera, confirmed that the feature will be available soon.

To use the “shorten” feature, users can simply click the “shorten” button located to the right of the address bar. This will activate the ChatGPT sidebar, which will appear on the left of the browser and generate a clean, bulleted summary of the article or webpage being viewed. The integration of ChatGPT into the browser’s sidebar will help users save time by quickly getting an overview of the content, without having to read the entire article.

Opera’s integration of AI tools into its browser is part of a broader trend in the tech industry to make browsing and searching more efficient for users. By using AI technology, companies aim to provide users with more personalized and relevant information, as well as save time by reducing the need to go through long articles or webpages.

Opera’s integration of ChatGPT into its browser’s sidebar is a significant step forward in the tech industry’s effort to make browsing and searching more efficient and personalized for users. The “shorten” feature will soon be available to everyone, and it promises to provide users with a quick and easy way to get an overview of the content they are viewing. With more companies embracing AI technology in their products, it is likely that we will see more innovative solutions in the near future that will make our online experience even better.

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